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Cheap City Free Guide to Savings 
“Stop robbing your family of their future!” 
I have developed a saving system that can save 
the average family a $96,000 in their working life time! 

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"The better way to save your Future"

I want to help the middle class families save money and build a better future.

 After suffering my own hardships, and turned to credit counselors, that tired to charge me more then I was paying on my credit cards currently. 

This forced me to think of a better solution, So I developed a saving system that can save the average family hundreds per month! And the best part, the basic program is 100% Free!!!
Alternatives to cable TV or Satellite TV Media Streaming Players
I was spending $135 per month for digital cable, phone, and Internet. I replaced the cable TV with a used Tivo Premier (TIVO is 4 in 1 products it is DVR. Media Player, Cable Box, and an Analog to Digital Converter for people that have the non HD, DTV TV’s. It works with anything from an older analog TV to a full 1040P. ) I purchase off  now my Internet and alternative cable is costing me about $51.94 per month total (including internet service & TIVO service charge). I am using the off the air signal with amplified amentia I purchase from and using the live streaming option of this Tivo to purchase The Tivo can also streams & much more that you get for free.
​Roku 2 

If you did not need an analog to digital converter, DVR, or do not want to pay for additional service charge then you want to look at the ROKU, the original Netflix online viewer. Like the Tivo it has access  to and many more free services. They have 3 different models HD, XD, XD start from $49.99 to $99.99f you did not need an analog to digital converter, DVR, or do not want to pay for additional service charge then you want to look at the ROKU, the original Netflix online viewer. Like the Tivo it has access to and many more free services. They have 3 different models HD, XD, XD start from $49.99 to $99.99
Alternatives to Phone Service using VIOP (Internet Phone)
Magic Jack & Magic Jack Plus 
I have used the Magic Jack, to make sales calls when I was working with Primerica. It works, not as good as a regular landline, but just as good as the internet phone that came from my cable company. Starting at $39.99 for the device and a year of service (additional service is $19.99 per year after that) for the service it is a great value. Both Magic jacks’ have unlimited calling to US and Canada, call display, call forwarding, free voice mail, free phone number, and E911.  

Now, there is a Magic Jack Plus which can used it with or without a computer, and ports your current phone number. I just purchased mine, and it was $ 102.59 (included a year of service and $19.99 year of service after that) with purchase of the device, S&H, phone number porting and government service fees. You can even get a Canadian phone numbers as well. Great place to purchase Magic Jack: 

If you want get rid of your telephone carrier but need all the bells and whiles, there is a higher end of a internet phone that you can buy the equipment alone starting about $250, but the monthly fee is good at $9.99 per month, you can port your current number to their system try Ooma

We should not forget about Vantage, which get the same basic features as your phone company starting at $9.99  for first 6 moths and then $24.99 per month for international calling  plus fees & taxes

If you are like many people out there that just don't want to give up number and just uses your phone as a voice mail. An easy and cheap solution is buy a net10 phone, and subscription their $15.00 per month for 200 mins plan and these mins will roll over with Net10
Android Smart phones & Cell Phones at value price
​ is the best in price hands down Android Smart phone service at only $45 per month for unlimited with talk, text, and web with no contracts,

​Revol wireless one of the lowest priced Android Smart phones around at only $55 per month unlimited with data with no contracts

Virgin Mobile
​Virgin Mobile gives a unique twist to the 4G Android market place. That offers unlimited data and messaging, and limited and unlimited anytime talk starting at $35 per month for 300mins, $45, for 1,200 mins and $55 for unlimited talk. The iphone 4S coming soon.

Simple mobile 

There is a new cell phone carrier that a basic plan goes for $25 per month for unlimited access talk, text and international text, and voice mail, and caller id. The smart phone crowed can get a package starting at $40 per month for unlimited access talk, text and international text, unlimited data and voice mail, and caller id.

Net10 is the best deal in the less expensive cells phone and text cell phones with service starting at $15 per month for 200 mins and $30 for 500 mins with all mins with roll over, if you need more you can simply buy more. If you do not need or want the roller over there is a $25 a month plan that gives you 750 mins with no rollover.

PayLo byVirgin Mobile
PayLo byVirgin Mobile is also another great deal for those of us that like to talk & text $30 per month includes 1,500 mins, 1500 Messages, plus 30MD Web Access. Their talk plan $20 per month 400 mins, $0.15 each Message, web access 1.50/MB, and there is the Basic rate good for 90 days $0.20 per min, $0.15 each Message, web access 1.50/MB.

Shopping for a Computer 
The best places is, also check out, too some times they have really good specials. .
Fine Dinning or the Local Fast Food Joints

Here is some great way to off set the cost of eating out with friends and family. In our society it is more about being social and having a great time doing it. 

Entertainment book
Entertainment book cost about $35 at the being of the season, but will drop dramatically as the session goes on. This book can save you hundreds in any year from restaurants to cloths stores to auto care.

​Restaurant & Other Entertainment Offers
There is a family of discounts that will be emailed to you and you can choice to purchase they usually are 30% -60% off retail. Singed and save,, City Deals
Great ways to save on auto care 
The best way to save on auto care is make sure you maintenance your car or truck. I know there is different views, what type of oil to use and how many miles to change it. It always safest to follow the recommendation of the auto 
manufacture and common sense. I personal used fuel injector cleaner after every oil change and used additive in the 
oil as well with conventional oil. I personal use Lucas oil, I use a cotton reusable air filter, 
which increase air flow and save gas because the car does not need to rev as high to reach the needed speed. One popular 
brand is K&N these type of products improved my fuel efficiency and performance. 

Another great way to save is if you can find a service shop that will let you buy your own parts. Some big chains will not
 let you do it. The advantage is you know what parts are being installed in your car or truck. And you can shop for around for the best prices. I personal saved over $370 purchasing parts for my car parts over and

Always compare prices with the major auto part stores,  
Cheap Car Insurance & Cheap Insurance
I personal saved $820.00 per year on shopping around on Auto and Homeowners Insurance. The best ways to 
shop online and find agent that represents multiply companies.

Great place to purchase the Insurance:,
Save up to 20% off Utility Bills
Do you know that you can save additional savings off your utility's like power and gas? 

Great place to purchase the discounted Utility:
Great Place to purchase clothing items and other household goods

I personally shop at Marshals and TJ Maxx for low prices causal cloths great brands for a fraction of the retail cost. I found that Marshals seems to be little be less expensive then TJ Maxx, their owned by the same company. I have purchased athletic shoes at The JC Penny Outlet. I personally never have been to the Shoppers World, which seems like a good place to check out as well.  

Household goods

I personally find that Big lots, Oliles, and Marshals and TJ Maxx are great places to purchase bedding items and household decorative items the strategies her are to check these type of stores every few weeks for items that you might need now or in the future. They work off buy outs, and things come and go. 

Grocery items 

The best low priced grocery is Aldi and next is Save a lot. My personal strategies are going to one of these stores first, and then go to another store for the rest of your grocery items. 

Take advantage of Kroger and Giant Eagle fuel points programs if you need to fill up your car on a regular basis. Just like the commercial says you can buy gift cards and use them like cash. If you need to buy a gift just give a gift card . TJ Maxx and Marshals both have gift cards, so does best buy and eBay and many restaurants have them too. The fuels saving will add up. Make it work for you buy a VISA, Master Card, or Amex card at Kroger which has $500 gift cards. I paid my contractor $500 Visa gift card at Kroger’s paid $5.95 for the gift card and saved $1 per Gallons, up to 35 gallons. That is a net saving of $29.05, can you imagine the saving if it was repeated every month or if your going on a vacation? 12*29.05 = $348.6 per year savings. And, yes I also buy the RED Plastic gas containers too to get the maximum savings.  

"Going Green Will Save Some Green: Stop using toxic cleaning product and learn to make your own cleaning products for cents on the dollars". Learn more click here 

Gas Saving

Are you tired of paying close to $4.00 per gal. for gas?

Most month are getting a gas discount of $.050 per gal off at shopping at Kroger which is $210@35 gal per year of gas. Kroger goes by different names across the US, ( King s00pers, Fry's, Smiths ect) You can simply buy a $100 Shell gas cards, that alone saves you $0.20 off a gal. of gas. Plus you can do the same thing for gift cards at restaurants, gift card for birthday's, weddings, ect. The RX program gives you another 50 points, for each RX filled at their pharmacy (100 points gives you $0.10 off gas). The saves will grow and grow.  

Abt brand banner
Boxee TV

​In the past year I have noticed some great improvements in the cable alternative area the Boxee TV another great product that can go up with TIVO. Like Tivo, it can take it can pull off the air singles that can get TV channels from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and more all in HD and surround sound. It also supports similar features such as Wi-fi to get Netflix, VUDU, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify and popluar social media as well. Boxee offers No Limits DVR for just $9.99 a month in select markets. 
Learn more: 
Derek P Bliedung, EzineArticles Basic Author