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Columbus Financial & Success Coach, Success Coaching Program,  top personal development gurus, 3 Pillars of Success, debt management, financial planning, credit consulting, credit repair,  wealth building strategist
The Strategies from the Genus’ of Investing: Investing style is a matter of finding your personality type and risk tolerance

Warren Buffett's’ strategies on investing are to find companies that you trust, believe in and understand the business model. If not walk away. One must learn to be patient, to wait for these stock prices to fall to value prices, and then hold on the stock for the long term at least 10 years, if not 20 years or even 30 years. Buffet shares the view the best way to avoid capital gains taxes is to hold them on the stocks for an extremely long time if not indefinite.

What if you do not know of any of these companies what do you do then? Well, Warren Buffett openly releases his investment choices each year which companies that Berkshire Hathaway invests into. This will make the financial news, a local business section of your newspaper. If you can’t think like a Warren Buffett just follows his choice. Or according to Buffett, it is better to have 10 quality “Great” stocks, and they have hundreds of average stocks. Now if you are not the personality or skills to truly buy low and sell high, what should you do? Warren Buffett states you are best to buy a passive fund or Index fund rather. Recommend books on Warren Buffett: The Tao of Warren Buffett Mary Buffett and David Clark. Warren Buffett and the interpretation of financial statements Mary Buffett and David Clark. Buffettology Mary Buffett & David Clark.

It sounds simple enough, but most people are not programmed to buy stock low and sell high. The reason is emotional investing theory most of the population is hardwired to sell low, and buy high this is due to human evaluation and our ability to survive. The same goes for fund managers; they often have to follow the majority of other investors, and often feel the need to always being in the market. Be careful there are many salespeople going by the tiles of an adviser, insurances agents are mostly and not always what I like to call mutual fund salespeople. I would recommend you to become your own expert and follow the advice of other experts that state that even an average investor can outpace the S&P 500.

The easy way to meet the S&P 500 is to buy in a low-cost passive fund the minors the S&P 500. The easiest way to use cost averaging which simply means buying into a mutual fund(s), every pay period, one a month, or one quarter. The idea behind these strategies is that you will be placed in an automatic system that will buy mutual funds at the peek and the bottom of the market to avoid emotional buying or selling.

How do you out peace the S&P 500? Is not to purchase high cost managed mutual funds, and second follow the advice of Joel Greenblatt which is a Professor at Columbia University and former fund manager, he states in his book The Big Secret for the Small Investor: The Shortest Route to Long-Term Investment Success that most of the top funds manager at on time was at the bottom. And there is no way to predict who will be the next Warren Buffet. He has developed a system of value index mutual funds based on the S&P 500 that are value based and are a better way to buy low and sell high. He states that the problem with the S&P 500 it is how the system to purchases based on capsized. Meaning that the top stock will have the highest weight, and the one ranked second will have the next and so on and so on. Until one will get to the 500th position will be a very small part of the fund. Joel Greenblatt believes that is created and buy high and sell low buy strategies. Joel Greenblatt believes that a buying 1/500 of each stock would be a better system or one based on dividends or gross sales would be a better system. And can produced 1-2% better than the S&P 500 and even better than some fund managers. On his website, he gives the mutual funds symbols that he recommends at

The next strategy is to have the greatest diversification of your US stocks, bonds, and international stock markets. Not just investing in the top 500 US stocks, but in the larger cap, mid cap and small cap stocks in Wilshire 5000 in encompasses the entire US stock market. This was developed by Burton Gordon. Malkiel Princeton professor in his book the random walk guide to investing: ten rules for financial success states this is the way to the greatest return.

All these strategies are a complete contradiction, with each other, but each one can be used for different personality styles and risk tolerances. The question one needs to ask what ideology fits me the best? Am I willing to send a lot of time, some time, or no time reaching mutual funds, stock, and balance sheets? It is clear the Warren Buffett is the riskiest and the one that will gain the best returns. Joel is little less complex, and invest value will give you better returns over aggressive growth, over the longer term, and Burton Gordon. Malkiel will give you a chance to go autopilot and invest the most passive methods. The risk is diversified, over the largest amount of stock or bonds. Burton Gordon. Malkiel ran simulations, showing it is a smart investment style. In his book Burton Gordon. Malkiel the random walk guide to investing: ten rules for financial success states this is the way to the greatest return. States the mutual fund symbols and helpful list of allocation tables for different age groups.  

I personally see myself investing in all of these models when the market is down, I invest like Warren Buffet. When the market is flat or not producing great returns I am applying a value-based investing with great diversity. I do hold rather large low-risk fund(s), based on my age, waiting for the market to crash. I can’t tell you when the market will crash, but I am sure it will sooner or later. I still have a portion of my investment actually in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, & treasury inflation protected securities (TIF’s). When the market gets too high I re-balance my trading account and the same is true when I see weakness in the market I re-balance once again. I am always looking for an opportunity to make a good return. No, one knows when the market will be at the top or at the bottom. But one knows when the market is priced fairly or slightly overvalued and when the market is undervalued. This is when a smart person makes their move. When the market is high move some of your investment to save, likewise when the market is weak move some of your investment to risk.  
Social networking for job hunting & small business

I have started to read this new book on the topic is social networking for job hunting and small business marketing. The author is an expert in both. Like I said before they are both almost the same function! I still remember a book titled "Living is Selling" that my dad had when I was very young!! Today this book would be called "Living is social networking marketing" I have to be honest a few years ago I thought this social networking was a joke!! Now, I know that this is a great way to stand out from pack.
Job hunting?: Act passive!

After reading a book it states that recruiters prefer hiring candidates that are passive job seekers. So, even if you needed a job yesterday, please do not act like you do!
Why Does The Wealthy Have More Money Than the Middle Class? The gap is often due to the mindset of the rich

I am a financial coach, marketing consultant, and blogger; I am trying to answer the question why is the rich seem to have more money? I am the former student that went to one of the best University in the world, had some of the best-educated professors attending the best university in the world! But, I was stuck in an entry-level job, struggling to pay my bills, going through a divorce, lost my job, been sued! I was in a horrible state of mind, and bad news came after bad news. What should someone do? I say, come back fighting and swing!

Was the universe out to get me? Or was the universe trying to help me in reach of my full potential? The universe has a master plan for me, and the only way for me to improve myself and my life was to give me one hell of a jolt in the backside! In fact, I need this jolt to get me moving and thinking on the second stage of my life. The new me or the version of myself that universe intended was going to use my current knowledge and gain new knowledge to help others.

I was sick: always tired, no energy, little motivation, it was hard to focus; I was on a mission to find the cure! I started to find books on at my local library, one titled Natural Cures, and I tried to detoxify my body! It did not work for me! Next, I started to read a book on financial planning, including money management, debt management, and investing. I came across a book by Robert Kiyosaki, from Rich Dad Poor Dad Fame. He introduced me to two books the Richest man in Babylon and Think and Grow Rich, to me this cornerstone for my change. Sorry, Robert, I enjoy reading your books, but they are the masters and you’re only the student!  

After reading the Richest Man in Babylon, he caused me to have internal conflicts, from a line in the book “Are you a free man or slave!” I stated I am a free man!! I had to let go of the fear of letting my credit rating get hit. The powers to make you think you’re only good as your credit report! I think this is not a true milestone for a person, but how one manages their hardship that life brings their way. I also was in conflict if I shouldn’t pay some of my bills to rather invest the funds in the stock market after the American bank stock market crash? This is a personal decision, but, I felt that the universe would punish me if I had the money to pay my bills but a choice to not pay them. I felt these both immoral and not reasonable. Now, if one did not have the money to pay their bills due to no fault of their own, the credit bureau will hit me. But, not the universe! I feel the universe; holds the ultimate authority in my life and not the government or credit bureaus.

Can you image I was losing sleep, stressing over, getting anxiety issue from an  created numbering system? Oh boy, wasn’t I a big fool! I now can look back and laugh at my behavior! Who need chains, if society can be in slave you with a number!! Really?? I am not saying you shouldn’t pay your bills, or not to work hard to pay your bills. But, only say stop stressing over the little things.  

The second book Think and Grow Rich by the late Napoleon Hill, this book introduced the idea nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it! If you have the passion, burning desire and commitment! Nothing is impossible if you believe it can be done! The trick is, if you can not see yourself in life or career being able to do what you desiring, you will fail, even before you get started. Napoleon Hill believed that your mind has great power, and through the right reprogramming, you can do anything! Now, the trick is to think positive about you. Do not say negative thought like, I am stupid, dumb or anything like that! You need to say positive things about yourself, I am a great person, I am a smart person, and I can do anything I set my mind to do!

Some of the techniques that Napoleon Hill has employed was to have a positive affirmation “I am making $200,000 per year in a job that I love by specific date”, or “I have found my perfect mate give a detailed description of this person attributions by date” The opportunities will come to you if you say this out loud once in the morning and again before you go to bed. When in bed, think of you having a relationship with his perfect person, or working the perfect job.

It may take some time, but over time you will be reprogramming your subconscious to believe this is so, and you’re subconscious will make it so. This where Napoleon Hill and other calls the Law of Attraction split, Mr. Hill believed you have to take action at this point. Napoleon Hill, stated you have to improve yourself at this point to be successful. Work out, eat better, attend webinars, classes, workshops, seminars, read books, listen to audio books, and maybe get your degree. In fact, anything you can do to aid yourself to meet your goals will help the final outcome.

Another of Napoleon Hill recommendations was to form a mastermind group, of 7-11 people that have a common goal. The power of the mind time many will even be a more powerful force! One can ride on each other's synergy at this point you become an unstoppable force.  

Working out is one of the untold secret of the rich, studies showing that 55% of the rich working out at least 2 times a week, and 50% of people that living financially comfortable in our society do as well. Did you know it can even improve your mood, and lower your stress and lower anxiety? And let just forget about all the other health benefits.

I have found that eating healthier is not only less expensive on your budget, but can improve your life and overall well being. I cut, my budget by cooking most of my meals with brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and lower the amount of meat and chess. I stop buying processed food and replaced them with unprocessed whole foods. I still drink pop one or twice a week and still use white sugar just cutting down.

The net results are improved attitude, more energy, less stress, and anxiety, the thing is now coming to me without me placing much energy or time! I radiate a more positive me! And people can’t tell that things are not perfect in my life, simply because I don’t act that way! I know my life has changed and this just the beginning of my new life! I am in transformation mode just like a caterpillar can change into a butterfly I must change as well.

I have been listening to Attraction Factor by Dr. Joe Vital he stated that meditation can not only improve your wealth but the wealth of your community, as well lower crime rate!! I am like, how mind blowing is this and this was proven in 19 studies. I am like wow!! I have read this in countless books, the power of giving! If you give to your spiritual origination or charity, you will become more successful in your life. A simple self-healing technique as stated in a number Dr. Joe Vital books, just saying “I love you, I am sorry, and Thank you, over and over again in your head can heal you, as well as others.

I know this sounds strange and worried! I was not born in this word believing all this, I have been rejecting these ideas for most of my life and it took a huge change in my life to be open to such thoughts. I was ready to try almost anything and keep an open mind!  

I would also recommend books by Brian Tracy, and Rhonda Byrne (Author of The Secret) in addition to Dr. Joe Vital. And Think and Grow Rich by the late Napoleon Hill is the foundation of much these later books. I seem to get the message better hearing from different teachers and the same things are said in different ways. 

​The Law of Attraction: The simple system of obtaining your dreams

~All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard and will receive what they have asked and desired.
Martin Luther

This Law of Attraction, you can ask for anything you want and it will come to you like magic. I first learned about you can control your life by your thought sounds like a pile of cow dung! I was not a believer and was like how can this be true? It not logical. But research shows many of the most successful people have reached there dreams by applying these principles. In fact, most religions have a reference to the Law of Attraction, the Bible has its reference, and the above quote shows another Christian reference from the middle ages in Europe. It’s also stated by Buda.

How can you attract what you want by using your mind? The first step is to know what you really want in life? This a hard part for many people have no idea what they want in life. You can use career coaching to help you figure yourself out. There is a host of personality tests, interest test, and strength test. Also thinking about what you want can also help. Talk to friends and family and ask them how do they see you?

Some of the techniques are righting down your goals, and state them every day when you first wake up and before you go to bed. You want to have these positive affirmations in the present tense. I currently earn $100,000 per year, I working in my perfect job, I have a date with the person of my dreams, etc. Some people also use visual aids. When you go to bed think about what it will be like to be working in a $100,000 job, also add feeling and emotions to your guided imagery. I found the prey is also very effective, users have to speak to the divine with strong and full of passion and do not act passively.

You are going to have to think positively and rid your self of negative thoughts. And be willing to help others, in donations and civic duties. You have to give before you get a return. You have to create a sense of plenty or abundance. So what if you just lost your job? It is very hard to think positive, but you have to try. What else will help you out is to make sure you are eating healthy, working out 2-4 times per week. Get enough sleep and rest. And there is an Ho'oponopono mediation of just saying “I love you, I am sorry, and Thank you, and please forgive me, over and over again in your head can heal you, as well as others. This a cleansing process to help you attract what you want. Be warren negative thought can attract negative situation to you, just as easy as positive thought can bring you what you want.  

What is another part of this law of attraction is to follow your dreams what in life do you really want? And just do what you want, go for it! Use the techniques, which I have stated before, read my other articles for the way to reach your goals. One last note most law of attraction authors stated that you have to do nothing, But, Napoleon Hill stated you have to meet the Universe halfway, so start improving yourself by reading, listening to Podcast reading blogs, attending classes, seminars, etc.

The effect of all this is better harmony in life and better interaction with others. You will feel better will be stronger healthier and more positive. You will be the best you can be. 
​Best web site for dream job is

I found in the same book that the best website to find your dream job is I checked it out it ranks business, pulls job listing from other search engines and employers own site. 
Columbus Financial & Success Coach, Success Coaching Program,  top personal development gurus, 3 Pillars of Success, debt management, financial planning, credit consulting, credit repair,  wealth building strategist
Do it Yourself Financial Planning in 15 Easy Steps

1) The first step is to know what are your personal objectives and goals by using a financial planning session(s)? 

2) What are your short term, medium term and long term life goal(s)? 

3) If money was not an object where would you see yourself in 5, 15 and 30 years from now? (Hint: it can be career, where you like to live, education, car, house, ect.)  

4) Prepare a budget of current expletives, and included all sources of income. How would you rate yourself compared to income below budget, at budget, or above budget? 

5) Go to my web site to see ways you can slim down the cost of household living at &

6) Now complete a second budget showing the amount you reduced from your original budget. If you’re still meeting or above budget, you will need to find other sources of income or further ways of cutting of expensive. If you’re below budget you need move to the next point. If you still can not move your budget lower, I do offer personalized coaching on my site at: 

7) Congregations, you are ready for the next step. You must take at least 10% from your income each pay period and place 6% in retirement and 4% into a general fund which includes an emergency, and vacation fund. I would recommend one to increasing this account each year and every year by 1% or 2% to your retirement fund. If additional fund are available to give to religious originations, or/and charities do so to 10% of income. You will gain a tax advantage and do some good in your community. What if, you do not have the available funds? You can give your labor and donate your time to these organizations. There is a note in my process of reading the most success people have always gave money and/or gave their time. This relationship with the law of attraction, that giving will help you back in the future. See my blog post on Law of Attrition: at: or

8) Things happen you will need to have insurance to cover unexpected liabilities, including health, auto, home, life and disability insurance. Remember getting the lowest cost insurance maybe not cover you in the event of accident or death, or disability. If money is a concern rather buy employment based life and disability, rather then not having enough coverage or not having no coverage. Once you improve your situation buy a non-employment related insurance policy or use the employment to be the gravy and not to meet liability minimums.  
9) What life insurance is better for me Term or Cash Value? I would say most people that cash value is not needed in most cases. I would first max out my IRA, or Roth IRA, or 401K, or similar retirement program, before even thinking of going for a cash value policy. In most cases a 30 year term product will product you and your family so you can build enough funds by investing in your personal savings, and retirement plan. Most insurance agents disagree with this way, sure they are losing money. The facts that most fixed rate cash value insurance polices are making about 4.5% -5.5% great for today. But the stock market has an average return of 12%. So, using simple logic how are you better going after 5.5% vs. 7% or 9% return in a bad year? Yes, there is risk; there is risk going safe as well.  

10) Where are going to put your money to grow? If your employer offers a 401k, or a similar retirement program, and give you a match this is the way to go. At least take the money the employer is giving you and match to the max. You would be surprised how many people do not take advantage of this free money. For most people, the best investment is to have the fund coming out your pay check, and have an allocation table to follow to insure proper diversification see: This is basic investment advice; I have written articles on advanced investment strategies read more at: There are different allocation tables based on your age, and your target date for retirement. Younger you are the highest risk and as you get closer to retirement you slowly decrease risk, not end all risk.  

11) What do you do with you 4% start of placing the money in bank or credit union account automatically from your pay check to be placed into you’re saving account. Once your funds have reached a high enough amount, you can look at other options, like CD’s short term, investment account under a money market, bonds (Government, & Corporate), treasury inflation protected securities (TIF’s’) conservative allocation investment accounts (mutual funds or EFT’s) for this type of saving avoid anything high risk! This is a short term account, and you need low risk investments. Do not forget to leave at least $500, to $1000 to pay for urgent situations in your bank or credit union account.  

12) What is better for me pre tax retirement (40lk/traditional IRA) or post tax retirement Roth IRA/Roth 401k)? I recommend everyone to go pre-tax up to there match. If you go pre tax after this or Roth is a personal choice based on your situation. Is it better to pay taxes now or later? There is a feeling that we have very low taxes right now and it is better to take advantage of the Roth. There is another way of looking at this. I am going to pay taxes for the next 30 or 40 years without any benefit. Now, I personally have pre tax up to 10%, after go Roth after that. I believe that having 2 pots of money will hedge for what the future may bring. If may need to hire a CPA or Tax lawyer to help you find ways to reduce the taxes in the future. Besides we do not know what the market will look like. I personally believe we can take out the minimum amount out of a pre-taxed fund each year, and paying the lowest tax bracket. Beside the government can resend the Roth if it not working out for it best interest.  

13)You earn a 0% on equality, so why not take out a 30 year mortgage, or 5 year car loan. Do not get return on equality confused with inflation. Most people see there house values go up this is ROI is the inflation not the equity working for you. You should put the difference in your retirement account. Like I said before you can make 12% on average on stock market and only 0% on your equity. What is the point paying it off faster? Now if you have high debts over 12% interests you should pay these off sooner with your additional leveraged money. Plus you still receive a tax break on mortgage interest and taxes. The same goes for student loan, why pay back a low interest low off sooner? When you can make more as an investment? This is a concept the wealthy used call Others Peoples Money or OPM. 

14) You should have a last will drawn by a lawyer. A simple will can save part of your money going to the government, and costly court costs later.

15)One trick I received from out friends at Primerica: You shouldn’t hold back you payment to make one payment. For example if you are paid bi-monthly (Paid once at the end of the month and paid on the 15th of the month) rather make two smaller payments. Make a payment early and make the second on your next pay cycle. This will reduce you interest. Since most loan calculated on daily interest you are best to pay them off using each pay check cycle, even if it one half of a payment at a time. This will work for credit cards, student loans and car loans. It tends not to work for mortgages because most of the home loans are government backed, and have a different system of calculation on the interest. Last note, to avoid some troubles later, check with your lenders to insure that making a split payment will not cause issue, how your loan is proceeding.  

Ho’oponopono is a little known but extremely powerful self-transformation, self-cleaning, and, self Healing technique.

I have personally used this technique in my own life. And I felt negative energy leaving my body, after doing this for the first time. Since doing this over time 3-4 times a week, additional to positive affirmations, guided imagery, and following the teaching of the law of attraction. I have gained a scene of clarity, and better understanding what I want out of life. The Ho’oponopono, the process is simply close your eyes, and say the following words over and over again to yourself for about 15-20 minutes. ​

  I Love You
  Please forgive me
  I am sorry
  Thank you

Learn more:

Columbus Financial & Success Coach, Success Coaching Program,  top personal development gurus, 3 Pillars of Success, debt management, financial planning, credit consulting, credit repair,  wealth building strategist
Columbus Financial & Success Coach, Success Coaching Program,  top personal development gurus, 3 Pillars of Success, debt management, financial planning, credit consulting, credit repair,  wealth building strategist
Columbus Financial & Success Coach, Success Coaching Program,  top personal development gurus, 3 Pillars of Success, debt management, financial planning, credit consulting, credit repair,  wealth building strategist
Working out is one of untold secret of the rich

Working out is one of untold secret of the rich

Working out is one of the untold secrets of the rich, studies show that 55% of the rich working out 2-3 times a week. Did you know it can even improve your mood, and lower your stress and lower anxiety? And let just forget about all the other benefits.
Learn the Secrets of The Rich: An easy to follow guide to set yourself for financial success

The secret of the rich is not really a secret at all in fact it’s has been published in many books, articles, and other media. This is not a get rich scheme; it is a way to improve you and your family over the long-term financial health. The facts are that the majority of the wealth of this county does not live in high rise apartments, luxury condo or even mansions. Would you believe that a millionaire may even be your next door neighbor? I know it may sound crazy to some. But, that fact remains that the majority of millionaires live in middle-class America.

What can this teach all of us about the power of saving and investing wisely? One does not have to be rich to become rich; one just needs to have the desire, passion, and commitment to lead down the road of wealth. I have always focused my efforts to save on household items to people that are suffering from hardships, but anyone can take my teaching and convert this to their own personal path to wealth. I believe that one can cut the expensive from their budget without the feeling of scarifying everything.

What set Columbus Financial Coach from the majority of the financial experts? When I was going through my own financial hardship, I turned to best selling authors, and credit counselors. These groups are qualified to tell you have to budget your money and ways to start a saving plan. But, how do you really cut you budget? It was critical for my success and yours that I have developed a common sense approach to money management and creative saving plan, to reduce bills by hundreds of dollars each and every month. I believe in this system so much I am giving it away for free! Saving of hundreds of dollars is not only possible; it can be applied to almost any situation.

Sales Dogs: You Do Not Have to Be an Attack Dog to Be Successful in Sales (Rich Dad's Advisors series) by Blair Singer, Robert T. Kiyosaki (Book Review)

​Sales Dogs: You Do Not Have to Be an Attack Dog to Be Successful in Sales (Rich Dad's Advisors series) by Blair Singer, Robert T. Kiyosaki (Book Review)

How to manage each type of sales personality type, the book breaks down the personalities in top five dog types: Pit Bull, Poodle, Golden Retriever, Basset Hound and Chihuahua. Singer does give an example of how to best use each personality to their full potential.

I find that the Investment & Insurance sales are attracting the Pit Bull (hunter), yes the Pit Bull is the best in bringing in the original's sales. But, over time they fail to maintain relationships, and lose sales! It cost on average 5-10 times more to gain new customers then maintain a current customer.

Why only employee hunters in your sales team? I personally believe this is the leftover of the industrial age, where salespeople where the sales, marketing and in a big part the advertising for a company. In the information age, people are looking for information and often disliked to be sold! The power of soft sales, and soft marketing and what I like to think of as public relations, is the center of the communications of the company. Yes, it takes longer to gain market share. But, just image I can get 94 hits from about 15 - 20 minutes of work using social media. That would take a telemarketer about half a day! So would you rather pay me $10 for my work as a PR professional or pay the telemarketer about $40. The outcome is I am building a relationship, and the telemarketing in some cases are outraging, your market!

A note to think about: I just fired my insurance guy, the only time he called me when he was losing business! Too late!! This why I always stated that all sales teams need to have a Golden Retriever or Basset Hound (Farmers)! In fact, a true farmer can stop selling, and the business will come to them! And most sales teams only motivate the Pit Bull, with their trips and spiffs!! For a Golden Retriever this a big whoopie!!!! The Golden is a super customer service person. They want to go out of their way to impress and need a win-win motivation!
Great book, I hope people in Insurance & investment will start reading it and learn!!
Derek P Bliedung, EzineArticles Basic Author
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The Art of Making Money Introductory: Different way to make extra income made simple  

For the last year, I have been telling people how to save money. Over this year 2012, it came to me that I need to educate on how to make money. It sounds simple but the truth some people may not be aware of all the different way to make money.

Everyone knows that a job is the most common way to make a living. The down fails for this is you have to trade freedom for security. And the government taxes earned income at the highest compared to portfolio dividend income from stocks, passive income from real-estate. Let's not forget a business owner or corporation has a host of taxes deduction that an employed person does not.  

What should a working class person do? The answer to think outside of the box. How can you improve your situation without quitting your day job? One way to do this to start a part-time business with internet marketing, and it can cost just a few dollar or hire a student to do the hours of boring data entry on free online classifieds, directories, blogs, and social media.

So, what if starting your own business is not your dreams? What else, the simple way to bring in extra income is purchasing stocks that offer a dividend, or EFT (EFT are like mutual funds, that they hold a portfolio of many stocks, but have tax advantages over mutual funds, and can be purchased or sold like stocks in dividend classification). When is the best time to purchase these stocks after a major crash or issues when the market is low. You can pick companies that you know and trust and will feel will be there for the next 100 years.  
One of the best investments in the rental business, buying home or apartments and renting them out. This is a win-win situation in the tax code. You only need a 20% down payment and can get a loan which is a tax deduction, and you can also get a deduction on the devaluation of the property at 100%, not the 20% percent which you own, What if you do not want to be called at 3 am about a problem? Simply, One hire property managers to do all the dirty work. This is a lifetime of income. And when the investment goes up in value you can refinance the property and take out the equality to purchase additional property. This will require a lot of time to research and find the correct investment. If you are willing to put in the time you can make a big return.  
Internet & Social Marketing Made Easy: How to start to build an audience for free

The first step is to have a marketing plan & social networking plan. I have personal use free classified ads by going 5 pages deep on Google, Yahoo and Bing. I am doing the same repeated the process for business directories. Do not forget to place a free site on Google Place, Yahoo Local, and Bing local.

The next step implemented is to use social media & personal social networking that includes blogging, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, & joining local social networking clubs. I have added my professional video to YouTube, and other similar sites. Another option is podcasting; there is a social networking site that is called that you can create your own radio show.

This step is to grow your creditably by writing to articles, news release and submitting to sites such as this social networking sites ( and for articles:  

We can not forget the use of search engine optimization, what is important here is using a keyword that is targeted to how your audience searches. Making your website & ads keyword rich is important to get an audience to your site by search engines. A good source for keywords days is Google ad keyword tool to check which ones are hot recheck every 30, 45, or 60 days. Also, there are Google ad words also, that can help you bring in an audience. This can be very dangerous, it is Google’s paid service, we all heard of horrors stories of ad word campaigns gone badly. If someone is new to this world of marketing and social media, great ways to bring your skills up to par is your local library, you will have access to the nation’s top marketers’ and sub-channel marketers’.

Just a reminder, there is some time hundreds of site to market your site on, how can I do all of them or should I do all of them? My personal research is to use the 20/80 rule. That states that 20 of the effort will result in 80 of the results. Personal I think the 90/10 is more realistic online. So, take the advantage of the kind of markets that publish the top 25 sites so you do not have to like to publish to every single social media site on My results show that just doing a fractional every day of the top sites will give me much better results than doing all of them! To apply this to all of your marketing efforts. Please do not forget that marketing is a social science, and it part science and part art. I say I do not know what will work until I try it and see the results for myself. If it does work I try something else, until it does work! In business and in life never give up if you’re following your passion!  

Here are some other marketing sites that can you get an audience:

List of directories to list your website

The top 36 free classifieds (Personally classifieds have given me the best SEO, to date!)

Submitting to article sites

Social media sites:

Hot keyword finder: