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Derek P. Bliedung B.S. Owner & Head Coach 
I have over 10 years experience in the financial services, Including 4 years with JP Morgan Chase. This is inducing over 90 books read in area of financial planning, investing, marketing, leadership, & Law of Attraction. My formal education consisted of of a B.S. From Franklin University where I graduated wit honors and both on the President’s list and Dean’s list during my time with Franklin University. I am also A graduated of MGill University, a top 20 International University in the world. I am also a metaphysical healer & mystic.   

About Columbus Financial Coach
The Columbus Financial Coach was founded in 2011, to help the local and national working class families, a way to save money and to improve their financial outlook in life by reinvesting the saving into investments or purchasing additional insurance products to insure that current and future financial needs will be well meet.

The Columbus Financial Coach goals are aiding persons or families in a hardship situation, to aid them obtaining stability. Once stable to start building wealth generation goals. The best weapon to help is through education and will heal the society at large one person or family at a time.  

The Columbus Financial Coach uses a unique blend of cost saving strategies, wealth building, and homeopathic approach to improving our customer’s lives. We are not your average financial planner organization. 

We realizes that just doing what everyone else is doing will not got get you far in life. We have taken upon ourselves to research why wealthy people are wealthy? In the process have discovered it is life style and following their passions that make them successful. 

Now you know the secret, why will you every need my coaching services? The fact is most people don't know where to start? Do you really know what you want in life? Are you being influenced, by your friends, family, or even society? 

Before you can be placed on the right tract for you. We have to discover what you want out of life and plan financial strategy around you..

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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
​Mission Statement: To help our community, meet their financial & personal goals and intern improves their lives all with outstanding customer service experience. 

Vision Statement: The true measure of success is helping others around you to become successful, and help these around us seek independence and financial freedom.

Media Centre Articles 

How to find the cheapest Auto & Home Insurance? 

There is no thing as the cheapest car insurance company. You have to compare cost from many companies. But there is 2 type of P&C insurance companies the one that can only sell their insurance such as all-state, Farmers, State Farm, ect (captive agents). And the  non-captive agents compare are able to sell many different insurance companies product. In the scene they are shopping around for the best rate for you. P&C insurance prices are based on lets call the target market. Some insurance companies want high risk people, others want very low risk people, others are some where in the middle. Some insurance companies prefer underwriting policy in a rural clients, some like urban clients. It all depends on so many factors that you have to shop around. But, the internet makes it easier to do that, you can find insurance search engines that will find insurance companies you never heard of before. My website lists two ways to search. But in fact there is hundreds of ways to search insurance compared to the old fashion pull out the yellow pages and call every company in the yellow pages.           

Author: Derek P. Bliedung 
Columbus Financial Coach
The Art of Saving Money 

Learn the Secrets of the Rich: An easy to follow guide to set yourself for financial success 

The secret of the rich is not really a secret at all in fact it’s has been published in many books, articles and other media. This is not a get rich scheme; it is a way to improve you and your family over the long term financial health. The facts are that the majority of the wealth of this county does not live in high rise apartments, luxury condo or even mansions. Would you believe that a millionaire may even be your next door neighbor? I know it may sound crazy to some. But, that fact remains that the majority of millionaires live in middle class America. 

What can this teach all of us about the power of saving and investing wisely? One does not have to be rich to become rich; one just needs to have the desire, passion and commitment to lead down the road of wealth. I have always focused my efforts to save on household items to people that are suffering from hardships, but anyone can take my teaching and convert this to their own personal path to wealth. I believe that one can cut the expensive from their budget without feeling of scarifying everything. 

What set Columbus Financial Coach from the majority of the financial experts? When I was going through my own financial hardship, I turned to best selling authors, and credit counselors. These groups are qualified to tell you have to budget your money and ways to start a saving plan. But, how do you really cut you budget? It was critical for my success and yours that I have developed a common sense approach to money management and creative saving plan, to reduce bills by hundreds of dollars each and every month. I believe in this system so much I am giving it away for free! Saving of hundreds of dollars is not only possible; it can be applied to almost any situation. 

​Author: Derek P. Bliedung 
Columbus Financial Coach
The Art of Saving Money 
Why Does The Wealthy Have More Money Then the Middle Class? The gap is often due to the mind set of the rich 

I am a financial coach, marketing consultant, and bloger; I am trying to answer the question why is the rich seem have more money? I am former student that went to one of the best University in the world, had some of the best educated professors attending the best university in the world! But, I was stuck in an entry level job, struggling to pay my bills, going through a divorce, lost my job, been sued! I was in a horrible state of mind, and bad news came after bad news. What should some one do? I say, come back fighting and swing!

Was the universe out to get me? Or was the universe trying to help me in reach of my full potential? The universe has a master plan for me, and only way for me to improve myself and my life, was to give me a one hell of a jolt in the back side! In fact, I need this jolt to get me moving and thinking on the second stage of my life. The new me or the version of myself that universe intended was going to use my current knowledge and gain new knowledge to help others. 

I was sick: always tired, no energy, little motivation, it was hard to focus; I was on a mission to find the cure! I started to find books on at my local library, one titled Natural Cures, and I tired to detoxify my body! It did not work for me! Next, I started to read book on financial planning, including money management, debt management, and investing. I came a cross a book by Robert Kiyosaki, from Rich Dad Poor Dad Fame. He introduced me to two books the Richest man in Babylon and Think and Grow Rick, to me this corner stone for my change. 

After reading the Richest Man in Babylon, he caused me to have internal conflicts, from a line in the book “Are you a free man or slave!” I stated, I am a free man!! I had to let go of the fear of letting my credit rating get hit. The powers to make you think you’re only good as your credit report! I think this is not a true milestone of a person, but how one manages their hardship that life brings their way. I also was in conflict if I shouldn’t pay some of my bills to rather invest the funds in the stock market after the American bank stock market crash? This is a personal decision, but, I felt that the universe would punish me, if I had the money to pay my bills but choice to not pay them. I felt these both immoral and not reasonable. Now, if one did not have the money to pay their bills due to no fault of their own, the credit bureau will hit me. But, not the universe! I feel the universe; holds the ultimate authority in my life and not the government or credit bureaus. 

Can you image I was losing sleep, stressing over, getting anxiety issue from an human created numbering system? Oh boy, wasn’t I a big fool! I now can look back and laugh at my behaviour! Who need chains, if society can be in slave you with a number!! Really?? I am not saying you shouldn’t pay your bills, or not to work hard to pay your bills. But, only say stop stressing over the little things.  

The second book Think and Grow Rich by the late Napoleon Hill, this book introduced the idea nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it! If you have the passion, burning desire and commitment! Nothing is impossible if you believe it can be done! The trick is, if you can not see yourself in life or career being able to do what you desiring, you will fail, even before you get started. Napoleon Hill believed that your mind has great power, and through the right reprogramming you can do anything! Now, the trick is to think positive about you. Do not say negative thought like, I am stupid, dumb or anything like that! You need to say positive things about yourself, I am great person, I am smart person, and I can do anything I set my mind to do! 

Some of the techniques that Napoleon Hill has employed was to have a positive affirmation “I am making $200,000 per year in a job that I love by specific date”, or “I have found my perfect mate give a detailed description of this person attributions by date” The opportunities will come to you if you say this out loud once in the morning and again before you go to bed. When in bed, think of you having a relationship with his perfect person, or working the perfect job. 

It may take some time, but over time you will be reprogramming your subconscious to believe this is so, and you’re subconscious will make it so. This where Napoleon Hill and other call the Law of Attraction splits, Mr. Hill believed you have to make action at this point. Napoleon Hill, stated you have to improve yourself at this point to be successful. Work out, eat better, attend webniars, classes, work shops, seminars, read books, listen audio books, and maybe get your degree. In fact anything you can do to aid yourself to meet your goals will help the final outcome. 

Another of Napoleon Hill recommendations was to form a master mind group, of 7-11 people that have a common goal. The power of the mind time many will even be a more powerful force! One can ride on each others synergy at this point you become an unstoppable force.  

Working out is one of the untold secret of the rich, studies showing that 55% of the rich working out at least 2 times a week, and 50% of people that living financially comfortable in our society do as well. Did you know it can even improve your mood, and lower your stress and lower anxiety? And let just forget about all the other health benefits.

I have found that eating healthier is not only less expensive on your budget, but can improve your life and over all well being. I cut, my budget by cooking most of my meals with brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and lower the amount of meat and chesses. I stop buying processed food and replaced them with unprocessed whole foods. I still drink pop one or twice a week and still use white sugar just cutting down. 

The net results are improved attitude, more energy, less stress, and anxiety, thing are now coming to me with out me placing much energy or time! I radiate a more positive me! And people can’t tell that things are not perfect in my life, simple because I don’t act that way! I know my life has changed and this just the beginning for my new life! I am in transformation mode just like a caterpillar can change into a butterfly I must change as well. 

I have been listening to Attraction Factor by Dr. Joe Vital he stated that meditation can not only improve your wealth but the wealth of your community, as well lower crime rate!! I am like, how mind blowing is this and this was proven in 19 studies. I am like wow!! I have read this in countless books, the power of giving! If you give to your spiritual origination or charity, you will become more successful in your life. A simple self healing technique as stated in a number Dr. Joe Vital books, just saying “I love you, I am sorry, and Thank you, over and over again in your head can heal you, as well as others. 

I know this sounds strange and worried! I was not born in this word believing all this, I have been rejecting these ideas for most of my life and it took a huge change in my life to be open to such thoughts. I was ready to try almost anything and keep an open mind!  

I would also recommend books by Brain Tracy, and Rhonda Byrne (Author of The Secret) in addition to Dr. Joe Vital. And Think and Grow Rich by the late Napoleon Hill is the foundation of much these later books. I seem to get the message better hearing from different teachers and the same things are said in a different ways.  

Author: Derek P. Bliedung
Columbus Financial Coach. 
The Art of Saving Money

Law of Attraction – Five simple steps system that can change your life & your bank account - Are you tapping into the newest biggest thing out there to improve your life? If not? I would like to introduce you…

Yes, the law of attraction can be called by some a miracle. It is not miracle or magic, what it is a natural law that you too can tap into to change your life. Only if you are ready!

Let me first test how ready you maybe? If I told you I can have the life of your dreams how ready are you for that today? Are you really ready to change your life and willing to put in the time and effort that it is needed? How much time? As little as time a 10 minutes a day every day, 365 days per year? If you say you’re too busy right now or too much going on right now, in your life and not willing to change. Come back to me and my teaching when you’re ready! Even I had to been faced with great hardship before I was ready for this knowledge. I was ready for almost anything and extremely open minded. I had nothing to lose but everything to gain.

This has been called the secret; in fact this is no secret it has been within human kind for 5000 years! I have seen this quote in the Bible, and quoted by Jesus, Buddha, and many others! How does this law of attraction work? It is a belief that we all are able to transmit vibrations. Only, if you place your mind in harmony with what you want. That law of attraction states that like is attracted to like. If you put your mind in a vibration for money, money will come. The same goes for success, love, health, luck. We want to take advantage of abundance and prosperity.

We all know about the power of prayer, what’s about the power of positive affirmations? In physiology it is called cognitive therapy, that your thought will have a huge impact on your outcomes in life. You’re trying to reprogram your thinking through what is known as auto suggestion. You will have your subconscious reprogrammed. So that you can become a millionaire, find the perfect love, and have great success in life, or something as simple as a new car.

At this point is where physiology and metaphysics depart. It is believed that you’re subconscious will communicate with the universe to obtain your desires. The universes will help bring your desires to reality. Now that doesn’t mean you don’t have to meet the universe half way, or it will not work. The universe will send you a sign, to tell you when it is time to take action. It can come to you in any form or the idea just pops in your head, just out of thin air. You can see a sign of a name or numbers that seen to always come to you in your life. It can pop up on the internet, TV, radio on your way to work, ect.

The next part is visualizations: you think, feel, and see yourself as millionaire, or have your dream job, or find the love of your life all in your imagination. Adding emotions to your immigration is a very powerful tool to manifest your dreams.

So what do you need to get started the first step is easy. You need to have faith and extremely strong desire to make your dreams a reality. You need to want something so badly that you can taste it, feel it and in your mind already have it! How do you believe in something so strongly? You have to soul search to figure that on your own. If you still need help you can use numerology or astrology to help you find your path in life. So follow your dreams not someone else dreams. If I tell you can become a millionaire what are you willing to do to reach that goal? Everything has a price and you are going to be able to pay that price? What is 10 minutes a day? In a year that is 60.83 hours! You can pay little bit every day.

You start with the power of pray, next power of positive affirmations; such as I am healthy, wealthy, successful, and wise 2 times daily. Add your own positive affirmation for your personal goals. Remember they need to be in the present tense. The third part of this exercise is to have imagination, to think as if you’re healthy, successful, wealthy and wise.

The second step: is to have a positive out look in life. I don’t care how bad your life looks it can only get better, right? If you ever been down or feeling blue think of things that makes you positive. Listen to music you enjoy, do activities that you enjoy. You have the power to change your mood and your thinking.

The third step: is to be generous to others meaning giving your time to help others. You can give money to help others as well, or you can give more time at work to your employer as well. This does come from the idea that we can be reward for helping others by ten fold. So you have to pay the price. Even if it takes years or months to get your repayment back, the universe pay you back with compounded interest. Longer it takes the more interest you will earn.

The fourth step is to be thankful for everything in you life and your families life, your job, your home, car, pets, I mean everything in your life! Even when you have manifested that you wanted, keep being thankful so more will come to you.

The fifth step: treat and heal your body, mind and soul. I recommend mediation find one that is right for you such as yoga, transmittal mediation, and the simple mediation to just clearing you mind. This will stop you from stressing, and if you heal your mind you will in turn heal your body and soul. It’s also part of you total transformation is to start eating healthy and make sure you do some type of exerciser at least 3 times a week. All right this part will take more then 10 minuets, but take this part slowly and over time you will grow and see why I recommend this to you. We have blockages in our body that can prevent us in sending out vibrations to the universe. The use of this step is to clear your body of these blockages and will even increase your vibration and can manifest what you want even faster.

Who I am to teach you about the law of attraction? 3 years ago, I had made some hard financial decisions. I was not able to buy a new car and I was struggling to pay bills. But today I am have my life has been realigned. I am working a job that I like and the money follows. And I know that since I do what I like, the money will come later for the job. I am driving in a luxury car, and now have too many cars. I don’t have to worry about money any longer; I am going on exotic vacations. 3 years ago this life would be the impossible dream today it is reality. It is part of my soul mission in life to help others and to become a teacher, counselor, and healer. How do I know this? I have study Numerology it teaches what is my life purpose in life. I also paid hundreds of dollars in group seasons and personal session to learn the same information in about 10 minutes. I also have studied law of attraction, developing physic abilities, and crystals.

Change your thinking and you too can have a better life. You can enjoy and live the impossible dream. You have to start with theses steps I have outlined and live the life the universe intended you to live.

If you need help to get started I am willing to coach you for donations. The donation does not have been immediate. After I change your life you can give me a donation at that point. If you don’t pay me the universe will make sure I am fairly compensated. I do offer financial coaching that I use my own teaching even to this date. But the law of attraction was an experiment that had far out performed my financial strategies. My own strategies were based on proven techniques. But, this would have take 10 or 20 years to achieve this level of success that the law attractions brought me in 3 years. Some of my dreams have not been manifested as yet. But they are coming!

Note from the author: If you are trying to manifest love of a specific person there is a blockage known as free will. The universe will not over ride someone free will. Money does not have free will, people do. It is not a waste of time for your prayers, positive affirmation, and visualizations because these are spiritual energy and will be stored until that person is ready. It will manifest. We do have soul mates out their, that might not be ready for you. But in your heart and soul you just know. If you’re in this situation I do feel for you. But you have to have faith, and believe that the universe maybe testing you on your resolve. If it does not come in this life time it will come in the next life time.

Author: Derek Bliedung
Columbus Financial Coach​

Winning Ebay Bids and Saving Big The Win-Win Way With Ebay

I found a very simply way to save money with Ebay, out think the other person! I am giving away my little Ebay secret, in turn to gain more clients for my Columbus Financial Coach or be offered a great employment opportunity in the future. Where someone needs out of the box strategist! Like every one should know Ebay is a great place to get great things Cheap, if not you should know this.  

Most people go around just placing a bids and hope they can win, this behavior will cause a bidding war. Not good for you, if you are bidding against a Genghis khan, you know the personality type that needs to win at all cost. He or you will end up paying more then the thing is worth! Go in there with a strategy, make a decision on how much are you willing to pay for the item and be a still be good deal. If you have the time and can sit for the bid clock to count down to to last 20 – 15 seconds are golden. You will place the largest bid, and use the automatic bid up feature to max your bid! Most people will not have enough time to respond and can't bid up the price. In case they had an automatic bid set up you still have a strong chance at winning this bid and getting the lowest possible price. Ok, I know what happens if you have a life? This will not work? Wrong! The same strategy will apply slight just a slight modification at the last possible second before you leave for the day, before you go to bed, or on your lunch or during breaks make your bid! 

I hope you will know you will lose some bids, it just was not meant to be and please move on! A true winner does not pay retail, let the others pay retail and you will find the diamonds in the rough on Ebay.

 By Derek P. Bliedung 
Columbus Financial Coach

Derek P Bliedung, EzineArticles Basic Author