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 I offer the best way for those that want to save money on everyday household expenses like cable TVcell phonedinning outclothesgroceries, computer, & auto repair, utilities . The more a person can save on everyday items the more you can build a better financial  future.

Our rates are competitive, with no hidden fees. Our employees are friendly and will be there to help you every step of the way.

Our business was founded after a series of personal set back from unemployment, to divorce and legal action take before us we had the skills and knowledge to work through the worst of times and came out of it stronger and smarter.  

The web site is dived in to two parts one a free self-help web site to save money on every day items and second a coaching service to help you budget, design a action plan, and negotiate with credit card companies and collections companies. That will either help lower your interest rates or to prepare a repayment plan(s). In a nutshell, I am credit counselor, meets lower my bill’s meets Rich Dad Poor Dad. We care about families and our community, and the same steps we have taken to help ourselves. We will  help others in  Columbus, Ohio or any where in the United States or Canada. 

Columbus Financial Coach is family-owned and operated right here in Columbus, Ohio. Since our company opened its doors in 2011, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
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The 3 pillars of success: Next Generation of Success & Motivation Development ​

I have developed a new success system to bring the best out of you and bring you the success you may have failed to attach before. I have studied the teaching of the masters of success, motivation, and spirituality and found out the missing link that they seemed to all teach but never placed in their own action plans. I have also integrate this a basic finical principle to bring you more cash flow, to pay down debt and start being a better future. Think of yourself as an iceberg what people can see is only a small amount. The truth is that what people don't see is your true potential. I only help you unlock and bring that potential to the surface. Where all can see the true success and the true you. If you know some that need help please send them to me. Thank you!

I have integrated the power of personal financial planning & strategies management as a physical element within my 3 pillars of success model. Just having a financial plan is not enough, it is only the first step in the much larger process of transforming one from good to great. What is often overlooked is as a society, we place most of the energy into the physical element. To be successful in life we need to take full advantage of the physiological and spiritual element as well before one can reach their full potential. As a humans beings, we are underdeveloped, we have much more untapped potential. It has been long known the medical and scientific community that we humans only use 10% of our brains. Why, because the other 90% is for physiological and spiritual development. The hardest part is to buy into the physiological element when one lives in the physical world. But once we can believe in and masters the physiological element, the spiritual element is not far away. 

It is much easier to get ahead in life if you have an advantage over others. What is this advantage, it is being able to connect to the spirituality universe that will guide you & help you through life. Most of us are either not open to spiritual universe communications or simply ignore it. If you don't believe me? Please read this little book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In his book Napoleon Hill speaks of mind to mind communications, mastermind group (A group of 3 to 12 people fully engaging into the same subject matter. Can connect to each other to solve problems and gain information. It's you're spiritual Google) and imagery adviser that guided Napoleon Hill. through life until Napoleon Hill was financial & personally successful. You can tell me, don't believe! But I here to help you believe in this in the spiritual universe! Why do I believe? Simple because I have personally witnessed the spiritual universe, and can say these are indeed true and correct. This little book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is the best selling business book on the success of all times, and is considered the Bible of success. 

I am trying to open you up to the light of the spiritual universe. But the spiritual universe gave us all same three tools, a body, a mind and a soul. When we use each one correctly, life will get easier. You will receive the abundance and property. What can I do for you? I will Teach/coach you the steps that are needed. I start everyone with the law of attraction, inducing meditations. The second step is manifesting/healing/protecting through crystals. The 3rd Step is intuition/psychic development. The 4th and Step 5th step would be basic Kabbalah and mind only manifestation. I would recommend performing energy healing, to aid in unblocking any blockage you may have and will accelerator your development.

I will need from you is your desiring to change your life for the better your and willfulness to follow my basic 3 pillars of success model. I started the Columbus Financial Coach in 2011 after I was receiving a recovering idea to start a thrift or saving web-page that had to come to be 3 times before I took action. In the law of attraction teaching, this commonly spoke of the universe is sending you a message.

More about the owner of Columbus Financial & Success Coach, Derek P. Bliedung has over 10 years experience in the financial services industry and inducing over 100 books read in the area of financial planning, investing, marketing, leadership,  law of Attraction, energy healing &  metaphysics . I started the Columbus Financial coach back in 2011 with the mission to help to find ways the working classes can get ahead with effective budgeting, and money management principles, to take then to the next level off financial success. Over 7 years I started to get interested in mind over matter. That our thoughts, words, attitude, intentions can have power in physical world. And this new found power can be used to bring you a better life and bring you better success in our lives. Yes, it can bring you more happiness and joy, help you treating conditions you have now. This power is not new it is spoken of the many of the world religions. Main stream religions, seem to want to keep spiritual power out of the hands of the people. I created the 3 pillars of success to teach you how to start taping into this power. It not something that can learned in a day, but over time and much practices you too can learn truth of this spiritual power.

Our Services
  • Personal Financial Coaching
  • Transformation Financial Life Coaching
  • Personal Success Coaching
  • Personal Money & Debt Management 
  • Credit repair
  • Credit counselings
  • 3 pillars of Success using Physical, Physiological and Spiritual 
  • Law of attraction Counselings & Motivation 
  • Reiki energy healing for improved manifestation & Overall Well Being 
  • Spiritual manifestation training
Derek P Bliedung, EzineArticles Basic Author
Columbus Financial & Success Coach, Success Coaching Program,  top personal development gurus, 3 Pillars of Success, debt management, financial planning, credit consulting, credit repair,  wealth building strategist
Columbus Financial & Success Coach, Success Coaching Program,  top personal development gurus, 3 Pillars of Success, debt management, financial planning, credit consulting, credit repair,  wealth building strategist
o one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.
~ Alfred North Whitehead​

What can the Columbus Financial & Success Coach do for you? 

The first point is when you come to see us we will do a personal analyzation of your situation and make a recommendation based on your financial needs. No cookie cutter one size fits all here. We will perform a cost reduction debt management plan that will save you money from your current experiences. With this additional money saving, we will formulate debt management plan that will eliminate all your debts, over time based on your comfort level. Next, we will come with a wealth building strategist to start building saving for the short term, and an Investment strategy for your mid-range and long-term goals.

The second step is a personal development which we have personal formulated called the 3 pillars of success. Does not matter the station in life you are in now. There is always room for improvement. Even if are at a dead end job or underemployed, you still can be recognized for better performance on the job and will be granted a larger increase in pay. I have spent the last 7 years wonder why is the rich have more money than myself? The answer is simple some of us come naturally know this secret, where others have to learn these lessons. After studying the books of most successful authors in the area of success, motivations, and spirituality. They all say different words and come from very different backgrounds, have different methodologies. But what came out extremely clearly is we have to work on what I call the pillars of success, becoming successful in our own lives. What each of them failed to state in their teaching, If we would combine all these 3 pillars of success we can start becoming more successful in our lives faster. Take this one more step to combine it with a personalized strategies in my unique financial planning, debt management and wealth building strategist we will become an unstoppable machine.
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